5 easy steps to getting better skin

5 easy steps to getting better skin2013-06-10T16:08:46+00:00

Men’s skin care has come a long way when your father would wash his face with a bar of soap and cover up shaving nicks with bits of toilet paper. There are so many products that are formulated to meet the needs of the male epidermis that it can be overwhelming. The process of picking out products doesn’t have to be difficult of intimidating. A skin care regimen that is fast and simple will ensure that you’ll actually follow it.


If you do nothing else, cleanse! Cleansing is the single most important thing you can do for your face. Men’s skin typically has large pores and very active sebaceous glands. While these glands are critical for keeping the skin naturally moist, they can often times product too much oil by the skin, leaving your skin feeling greasy. Forgetting to wash your face to leaves your skin prone to breakouts. A basic gel cleanser works just fine, but not all facial cleansers are the same. Look for one that is affordable, gentle yet able to cut through the grease.


A cleanser washes away oil and dirt on the surface, but it may leave behind dirt and oil deep down in your pores. That’s where exfoliation helps get deep down and eliminate the dullness that results from normal pore clogging and dirt build-up. Exfoliating just two or three times a week will help soften hairs follicles for a closer, less-irritating shave and allows the skin to better absorb moisturizer.


Skin can get dry after showering and, over time, results in aging of the skin where you lose elasticity. Showering and shaving open up pores and allow moisture to escape but adding a light moisturizer to can help replenish the skin’s moisture. Moisturized skin not only helps with the aging process but also helps with preventing razor burn. A moisturizer with SPF will also provide a shield against the UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays lead to long-term damage like deep lines and skin cancer while UVB rays cause the skin to burn. A moisturizer with a multispectrum defense takes care of it all.

4-Protect your Eyes

The skin around the eyes is the only area that actually deserves special attention, because men don’t age the same way as woman do. The soft, thin layer of skin surrounding the eyes is prone to developing creases long before other parts of the body begin to show signs of aging. Apply a small amount of eye cream on the edge of the bone around the eye to maximize effectiveness and prevent irritation.

5-Protect the lips

The skin on your lips are thin and prone to dryness, cracking and burning from exposure to elements. Your lips lack oil glands to keep them naturally moist so using a lip balm with SPF once a day can help avoid chapped lips and prevent against skin cancer.