July Product Special: Buy 1 Elta Sunscreen and get the second at 50% OFF

You and your kids love spending time outdoors.  Whether it’s riding bikes, being at your kids’ sporting events or enjoying a day at the pool or water park.  As fun as it is being outdoors, under the Texas sun, what’s not fun is getting burned.

Did you know a sunburn can happen within 15  minutes of being in the sun?  The redness and discomfort of a sunburn may not be noticed until several hours later.  Repeated sunburns can lead to skin cancer.  Unprotected sun exposure is even more dangerous for kids who have many moles or freckles, very fair skin and hair, or a family history of skin cancer.

For the month of July, we have all our Elta Sunscreen products at buy 1 and get the second at 50% off.  Call our office today to see which sunscreen are best for your skin type, (817) 427-3376


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