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Vitiligo is a condition that causes the skin to lose its color. While it is a lifelong condition, it is neither contagious nor life-threatening. Discuss treatments with your Northstar dermatologist to determine what might work best for your specific vitiligo needs.


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What starts out as a tendency to flush or blush easily can sometimes become rosacea which causes redness that spreads to the nose, and cheeks. If this sounds like you, a visit to your Northstar dermatologist can help you determine if you have rosacea, what kind, as well as ways to manage and treat it.

Dehydrated skin

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Dehydrated skin is not the same as dry skin. Dry skin is a skin type and can be treated as such. Dehydrated skin can occur in those with dry, oily, or combination skin. For more advice for your particular skin, follow up with your Northstar dermatologist or aesthetician.


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Hyperhidrosis is a sweating condition that causes you to sweat excessively even when the body does not need cooling. Those with hyperhidrosis usually sweat from one or two parts of the body – such as hands, feet, or under the arm – while the rest of the body stays dry with no sweat.


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Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition.Eczema is a chronic skin condition that has no cure. However, it can be managed with self-care treatments.Eczema can start in childhood and continue into adulthood, though you can experience periods without eczema flare-ups. Most often, eczema runs in families. Those with hay fever, asthma, and


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Using skin care products that include peptides can help reduce signs of aging skin. Peptides, when applied daily and diligently, will eventually yield anti-aging skin results. Time and patience are required, and your skin type and skin condition help determine how successful your outcome might be. A peptide is the name given to chains of

Tinea Versicolor

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Tinea versicolor is skin infection caused by overgrown yeast on the skin. Yeast lives on your skin - everyone has it. Sometimes that yeast overgrows and causes tinea versicolor which is characterized by small discolored patches of skin. The reason for the yeast overgrowth is not known, but tinea versicolor is found in people

Diaper Rash

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Diaper rash is a common situation with babies in diapers. Red patches of skin on your baby’s bottom, thighs, and genital area is the hallmark of diaper rash. While it might cause your baby some discomfort, it is also fairly easy to treat.  It usually clears up after a few days, especially if you

Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are indented streaks in the skin that are caused by the stretching of the skin.The stretching of skin, either during an adolescent growth spurt or during pregnancy can cause stretch marks. Also, call striae, stretch marks are scars that are the result of the skin unable to return to its normal state. Stretch