Annual Skin Care

Annual Skin Care

An annual skin check with Dr.Aboutalebi is essential for making sure that your skin is healthy and well. Along with a monthly do-it-yourself check, an annual appointment at Northstar Dermatology allows your doctor’s expert eye to look over your skin. If anything changing or different is noticed on your skin or with a mole, Dr.Aboutalebi can note it, measure it, or even plan to remove and biopsy it.

If you have a history of many moles, mole removal, sunburnt skin, or sun damage an annual check is even more important. With any skin cancer, the best outcomes happen with early detection.

So what can you expect? Once you arrive for your appointment, you will be ushered back to the exam room. A nurse of medical assistant will take a brief history and ask some general health questions. If you have noticed a change in a mole or on your skin somewhere, please let them know so they can note it for the dermatologist.

After that, you will be left alone to disrobe (you may be told to keep your underwear on), and given a drape to wear. Dr. Aboutalebi will come in, along with the nurse or medical assistant, and look at your chart and ask any follow up questions about your medical history. If you have not yet done so, please please note any places of worry on your skin.

Dr. Aboutalebi will then look your skin over thoroughly. Often your doctor will wear special glasses to magnify the skin surface. You can expect to be checked up and down your body, your hairline, behind your ears, your neck, under your arms, between your toes and fingers.

If you have a clean check, make an appointment for the following year. However, if during that year you noticed a change or something new and odd on your skin, call your dermatologist.

If something is found, it might be measured and observed for a period of time, dismissed as nothing to be concerned about, or you might need to have it removed and biopsied. Whatever the case, it is best to have and follow the expert advice.

Dr. Aboutalebi has been recognized continually as one of Fort Worth’s Top Doctors and has received the Patient’s Choice Award for several years. You can rest assured that your skin is in the right hands. Call today to schedule your skin exam at Northstar Dermatology.

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