Chapped Skin Treatments

Chapped Skin Treatments

Cold, dry winter weather is often a cause for chapped, dry skin

Cold, dry, winter weather is here. Sometimes it brings wind, snow, rain and all of these elements can be hard on your skin. Whether you have an outdoor job, a walk to work or the gym, or just have brief moments outside you need to care for your skin this season. Untended your skin can become dry and chapped.

Limit shower and bath time. Make the time in the water shorter and also bathe less often. If you are a two showers a day person in the summer heat, cut it back to once a day.  Even skipping a day in between baths and showers is a good idea. When you shower or bathe use unscented mild moisturizing soap. You can easily find these in the soap section, or you can ask your dermatologist for suggestions.

Once out of the bath or shower, dry off quickly with a warm towel. Do not scrub dry but pat dry. Then moisturize to prevent chapped skin or prevent it. Use your favorite moisturizing cream this time of year. Lotions are lighter and better for warm weather. You can also use simple products such as petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or hair conditioner to protect your skin.

Remember to use sunscreen in the cold weather, because those damaging UV rays can penetrate through clouds, snow, and fog.

Take care of your lips as well and use a lip balm that has sunscreen in the ingredients. Lips get chapped easily and when that happens do not lick them to keep them moistened. That only makes the situation worse. Use lip balm or petroleum jelly. You might want to try an overnight lip protection balm as well.

Use a scarf and gloves for more protection when you are outside. Carry a good moisturizing cream with you to use on your hands after washing them.

At home you might want to use a humidifier to keep more moisture in the air.

If your dry and chapped skin doesn’t improve after trying these suggestions, you might want to see your dermatologist for advanced help.

Contact Northstar Dermatology if you are experiencing these symptoms or any other abnormal skin conditions. Your neighborhood NorthStar Dermatologist would be happy to consult with you about chapped skin and provide treatment options.

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