Face Washing

Simple face washing can help maintain healthy skin.

Washing your face correctly is important when caring for your skin.

Cleaning your face twice a day, morning and night, is a good cleaning habit to follow. Choosing the right products and washing in a gentle manner yields the best results.

If you sweat heavily after a workout or other exertion, then wash your face to remove the perspiration, as sweat mixes with oil and dirt which clogs the pores and can lead to breakouts.

Avoid products with alcohol content or with a high pH content. Even though soap with a high pH produces lots of suds and cleans well, it also dries your skin and removes important protective barriers.

Choose a facial cleanser with a neutral or low pH. A cleanser that is lipid-free contains very little fat and adds a bit of moisture to your skin. A syndet cleaner is a combination of synthetic-detergents. They have a small percentage of soap and are low in pH.

Reliable brands include Dove for sensitive skin, Aveeno, and Cetaphil.

Water temperature is also important. Use lukewarm water to help prevent drying the skin, and use only your fingertips to wash. Use light strokes; do not scrub. Rinse the cleanser off of your face within three to five minutes. Do not rub dry. Let your face dry naturally, or pat dry with a soft cloth.

Always apply moisturizer immediately after washing your face to lock in the water and natural moisture.

Any time that you have concerns about your face and skincare, see your dermatologist for a consult. Your dermatologist can suggest skin care products that will be best for your skin type.

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