Finding An Aesthetician

Finding An Aesthetician

Finding a good licensed aesthetician, an expert in skin care, products, and procedures, requires knowing what you want.

An aesthetician knows how to assess your skin and its health. They are also licensed to perform: facials, skin therapies, chemical peels, body treatments, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and other skin care.

When you make a consult appointment, do some homework first. Ask friends and others you trust for recommendations. If Dr.Aboutalebi has an aesthetician as part of the practice, see how you like that aesthetician.

Make sure that you bring a list of your skin care products with you. Also have a skin care history, including allergies, sensitivities, other treatments that you have had done.

At your consult, you aesthetician should carefully examine your face and neck. She is literally reading your skin and will be able to tell a number of things just by that exam. The aesthetician will also ask you many questions about your skin care and skin history. He or she will also want to know your concerns and needs.

A skin care plan will be developed and he or she should then carefully explain your options. You can decide how intensive you would like your treatment to be; your aesthetician may offer an opinion but it is your decision.

Of course, if your aesthetician sees something on your skin that requires the dermatologist expertise, you may be referred back to Dr. Aboutalebi.

Once your treatment plan is explained, and you have had the chance to ask questions, you and your aesthetician can schedule the next appointment.

Dr. Aboutalebi is Fort Worth’s recognized top doctors and has received the Patient’s Choice Award for several years. You can rest assured that your skin is in the right hands. Call today to schedule your skin exam at Northstar Dermatology.

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