Northstar Dermatology Awarded 2013 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award

Each year, Celebration Media and Talk of the Town News highlight businesses that have received high ratings in customer care.  Fort Worth, Texas’ Northstar Dermatology has received a coveted five star rating in 2013’s Customer Satisfaction Award, excelling in customer satisfaction.  Dr. Sina Aboutalebi of Northstar Dermatology sat down to discuss what award means for this practice.

“It’s an honor to have received the 2013 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award,” explains Dr. Aboutalebi.  “As we are committed to providing the utmost level of care for all of our patients, it means a great deal for us to be rated as one of the top businesses in the region.”

The Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award showcases businesses that are ranked highly in the field of customer care.  Through the monitoring of blogs, reviews, various business rating services, social networks, and more, they are able to create a customer-driven rating system for businesses.

Speaking on what separates Northstar Dermatology apart, Dr. Aboutalebi offered, “Our goal as a practice is to offer high quality, advanced skin care to our patients, all within a comfortable and convenient setting.  We work with all patients individually to develop a treatment plan that’s best suited to their particular needs, and we work hard to make sure all patients feel at ease and informed about their treatment.”

Offering his final thoughts on the award, Dr. Aboutalebi concluded with this: “We are proud to have been acknowledged by Talk of the Town News and Celebration Media for our dedication to providing the highest level of patient care and service we can.  We encourage anyone interested to contact us today and find out how we can help you.”

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Northstar Dermatology at 817-427-3376 or by visiting

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