Northstar Dermatology Is Pleased To Welcome Mrs. Christine Read, PA-C To Our Patient Care Team!

Mrs. Christine Read is a board-certified Physician Assistant with a special interest in Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology. Christine was born and raised in the DFW area. She graduated from the University of Dallas, where she was actually a student of Dr. Amir Aboutalebi when he was a Biology lab instructor. She later graduated with honors from The University of North Texas in Fort Worth with her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies.

Christine says she chose Northstar Dermatology because she wanted to be a part of a team that demanded excellence, skill, and compassion in the pursuit of patient health. She is dedicated to making a difference and has learned the immense rewards of disease treatment and prevention for future health and happiness. Mrs. Read lives in North Richland Hills with her husband and two children. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family!

“I am absolutely delighted to have Christine join our family! Years ago, in college, Christine was a student in my biology lab course. I remember her meticulous dedication and incredible ability to balance her studies with her athletic obligations to the UD soccer team. We later indirectly crossed paths in life when she rotated through Northstar Dermatology as a PA student. At the time, the practice was under the leadership of my brother, Dr. Sina Aboutalebi. I was in Boston completing my residency, but recall my brother commenting on how impressed he was with Christine’s compassion and intellect. After her studies, her career took her elsewhere, but serendipitously we have had the opportunity to reconnect. I have no doubt that she will continue the Northstar Dermatology tradition of a humanistic approach to disease, emphasizing evidence-based medicine, and recognizing each individual patient as unique. Christine will undoubtedly help us reach a greater patient population, and allow us to serve more of our community. We are blessed to have her.” – Amir Aboutalebi, MD

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