Scars – Minimizing scarring after injury

After injury complete scar prevention may not be possible, but there are steps you can take to minimize scar tissue formation.

Scars are part of the natural healing process. When the deep dermal layer of the skin is injured, the body produces collagen – a strong, fibrous protein – to close the wound and repair damage. During this healing process, a scab forms a protective layer over the wound to prevent infection. Eventually, the scab falls off sometimes leaving a scar in its place.

Good wound care helps to minimize scarring after injury. Reduce the risk of scarring by:

Unfortunately, even if you follow all the above steps, you may still develop a scar. This happens for a few reasons. Some people are simply prone to scars; particularly those with dark skin or individuals who tend to produce too much collagen.

Stretching can also lead to scarring. This kind of scar is often seen during pregnancy and after weight loss or gain. Scars may also develop following injury close to a joint due to stretching with movement.

Scars are a part of life and most everyone has them. If you are bothered by a scar’s appearance or have excessive scarring, talk with a dermatologist about scar treatment options. Ways to minimize the appearance of scars after injury include:

Since not all scars are the same, your dermatologist will be able to offer specific solutions for minimizing your particular scar.

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