Spring Break: Watch Out For Bed Bugs

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

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After spring break many people like to bring home reminders of the vacation, such as post cards, sea shells, and souvenirs. One thing people don’t want to return home with is bed bugs. Bed bugs have been a household pest for centuries. There has been a resurgence since the 1990s caused by a number of factors including an increase in international travel and poor public awareness of preventative pest control.

Why bed bugs are a problem

Bed bugs are small, brown, oval insects that are about the size of a speck of dust. The insects are just about visible to the naked eye. Bed bugs live on the blood of animals or humans. The bugs become pests by biting people during sleep. Over the course of a lifetime, female bed bugs may lay hundreds of eggs.

Travelers should be particularly wary because bed bugs can enter the home in luggage, or on clothing. The critters can also enter the home in used furniture. Bed bug’s preferred places to live are mattresses, soft furnishings, headboards, and bed springs, because these allow easy access for biting unsuspecting victim. Over time, the bugs may scatter throughout a whole home.

During spring break

When families arrive at the vacation destination, the first thing to do after checking into the hotel is to inspect the hotel room. During the inspection, luggage should be placed in the bathroom. Guests should check the bed linen and mattress, any soft furnishings, carpet and inside draws. If bed bugs are found, guests should report this to the front desk and request another room.

On returning home from spring break

When returning home from spring break, the best thing to do is inspect luggage outside of the house. Wash and dry all vacation clothes straight away before putting items away. Inspect the home regularly for signs of bed bugs.

Keeping bed bugs at bay

There are a number of measures you can take to help prevent bed bugs, including:

Don’t share your home with bed bugs

Be vigilant about tracking bed bugs down. But don’t panic if there are signs of the critters. Homeowners who find bed bugs at home should call a professional so that the pests can be completely eliminated.

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