Springtime Skin Care

Welcome springtime!

It’s time to shed the winter clothes, open the windows, and lighten things up.

Skin care is an essential part of spring cleaning and there are many things you can choose to do to step into the new season with a fresh skincare outlook. Your dermatologist may be able to offer suggestions as well, or help implement the ones in this blog.

Spring clean your make up and skin care products.  Get rid of old products. Anything that has been hanging around for a year or more should be tossed – even if you plan to replace it with the same thing.   Remember that less really is more. Rid yourself of the things that you don’t really use and concentrate on the products that you like and are beneficial to your skin. Fewer, well chosen products are more cost effective choice than an abundance of not-so-great-for-you products. Your dermatologist can suggest a cosmetic and skin care line to get you started, if you need.

Also consider jump starting your skin with a chemical peel that will remove the outer layer of skin and, with that, dead skin cells. A chemical peel with a brightening agent can also help diminish brown spots and age spots.

Change your moisturizer as well. Heavier, hydrating moisturizers are great for dry, cold winter months. Step into spring with a light, hydrating serum. And always make sure that your use products with at least a 30 SPF.  You might also want to change up your skin cleanser with warmer weather. Instead of a hydrating winter cleanser, try a lighter one. Your dermatologist or aesthetician can help you choose.

And a bit more about sunscreen usage: Spring usually means more time outdoors. If you haven’t already started, make sunscreen application part of your daily routine. Apply in the morning. Apply again throughout the day. Even if you are next to a window, those ultraviolent, cancer-causing rays can reach you.

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