Winter Chapped Lips and Skin

Winter weather can cause chapped lips and skin.

Spending time in cold weather temperatures can take a toll on sensitive exposed skin areas, especially your lips. Your poor lips bear the brunt of cold temperatures, lack of humidity, and spending time outside – especially if you are engaged in an active sport.

Protecting your lips is easy and can become part of your daily skin care routine. Do not lick your lips as a way to stay moistened; licking your lips will only dry them more and make the situation worse.

Make a practice of a hydrating lip balm daily. Carry a lip balm with you as well so that you can reapply during the day. End your day by using a lip cream or balm before bed. There are many to choose from so you might want to experiment and find what works best for you. Your dermatologist can also offer suggestions. You might find that a product as simple as petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can cure any chapped lip woes that you have.

Read labels and avoid allergens found in fragrances and dyes because they will not help heal, soothe, and calm lips.

When outdoors, if possible keep your mouth covered with a scarf and use a lip cream or balm with sunscreen.

Make sure your house isn’t too dry with indoor heating; consider using a humidifier.

If you lips don’t respond to treatment, you might want to see your dermatologist for help in managing dry, chapped, split lips.

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