Introducing Curbside Consults

To comply with efforts to halt the spread of Coronavirus in our community, we continue to think of ways to address our patients’ URGENT needs* while reducing the risk of contagion and easing the burden on our Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers.

How does a Curbside Consult work?

  1. Call our office at (817) 427-3376 when you arrive, and we’ll get you checked in!
  2. When it’s time for your appointment, one of our providers will meet you at your vehicle. You may roll down your window, or if you prefer, just crack your window open. If you would like to avoid all contact, we will communicate with you via cell phone.
  3. If your condition may be fully visualized/evaluated, we will recommend or prescribe an appropriate treatment regimen. If further evaluation is necessary, we will do so in the safety of our clinic, which we maintain under high sanitary standards. Our clinic is currently set up to minimize any interaction with other patients or personnel.

To schedule a Curbside Consult, call us at (817) 427-3376. We look forward to serving you.

*Urgent or emergent cases may include skin infections, burns, abscesses, bleeding spots, a rapidly progressing and uncomfortable (itching or burning) rash, shingles, concern for melanoma, or acute wounds
**All non-emergent or non-urgent visits must be conducted via a Telehealth visit.