Anti-aging Skin Products

Anti-aging Skin Products | Fort Worth TX | Keller TXAs our skin age, changes in tone, texture, and coloration are inevitable. In other words, as skin ages it wrinkles, sags, gets blotchy, patchy, spotty, and dry. While that does sound bleak, it doesn’t have to be the end of road for your skin or for your skin care.

Establishing a routine and taking time to tend to your skin using anti-aging products is important and so is visiting your dermatologist. You can learn more about your skin and what it needs by seeing a skin professional.

The following tips can help you minimize skin care cost and maximize skin care effectiveness:

  • When choosing new products, use one at a time. Using more than one can irritate your skin.
  • Follow directions!
  • Always test your new product before using it on your hands and face. Dap a small bit on your inner forearm twice daily for a few days. If there is no reaction (redness, swelling, itching) then move on to your face and other parts.
  • Does your product sting or burn? If so, check with your dermatologist first because some prescription products might burn or sting. If that is not a possible symptom or if the sensation bothers you, then stop using the product.
  • Be patient. Sometimes products take time before results show. Timing can be from three to six months before results are show.
  • Continue using for continued results.
  • Protect yourself from the sun: stay in the shade; stay covered up; and sunscreen daily.
  • No more tanning! Tanning only speeds up skin aging.
  • Moisturize at least twice daily. Ask your dermatologist to suggest the best moisturizer for your skin type.
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