Bedbugs have become a common problem.

You can tell if you are a bedbug bite victim by the itching welts that can appear in a zigzag line on your body. Bedbugs hide until ready to feed on your body, and you will likely never actually see them. The only evidence of their bedbugs is the bites and welts on your body.bedbugs


To know for sure if it is a bedbug that has bitten you, you need to look for certain signs around the place that you sleep. If there is a large bed bug infestation, you might see bugs. However, it is more likely that you will see specks of blood on the bedding and/or mattress. You might also see the outer shell of the bedbug that has been shed and left. You could also notice white eggs that the female lays or tiny black spots that indicate bedbug excrement. If there has been a large infestation you might notice a certain fruity/musty scent.


The best way to treat bedbugs themselves is to contact a pest control company to come and professionally rid your home, office, or wherever the bedbugs have infiltrated. Several treatments might be required to eradicate the bedbugs entirely.


For the bites themselves, try some home care before seeking the care of a dermatologist. Wash bug bites with warm water and soap. You may also treat the bites with a corticosteroid cream that you can purchase over the counter. If itching continues or other symptoms such blisters, fever, or skin infection, please contact your dermatologist immediately.


Bedbugs are not a sign of a dirty home; they can come calling anywhere and will hide in dark places.

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