Decoration Allergies

Decoration Allergies | Fort Worth TX | Keller TXThe last thing you need while getting your holiday decorating completed is skin irritation because of your decorations.

Dust, pollen, sap, mold and other allergens can upset your skin. Caution is key when pulling things out of storage or bringing fresh cut garlands, wreaths, trees, or floral arrangements into your home. You might want to wear a mask and gloves if you know that you are vulnerable to skin irritations.

You can also take steps to help prevent skin irritations when handling the holiday greenery. If you get your holiday tree at a tree lot, consider shaking the tree well before bringing it inside. Doing so will shake loose pine needles as well as dust and mold. Hosing off the tree is also a good idea. Allow it dry before bringing it indoors;
do the same for natural wreaths or garlands.

Sap from trees or other greenery can also irritate your skin. Try using gloves and wrapping the tree in a sheet or tarp while handling. Always wash your hands after working with any type of flora or greenery.

Once your tree is placed in your home, water consistently to keep it from drying out. After two weeks your tree is likely to start emitting more mold spores and should be removed.

If you have artificial trees or garlands, remember that they can also hold mold, dust and other allergens. Shake them, air them out, and dust them off. Replace with new items every few years too. Plush ornaments may also cause skin irritations.

Wipe off ornaments, candleholders, and other decorations before displaying them. Wash any linens or cloth decorations before displaying them or using them for a holiday event.

Simple precautions can keep your skin happy during the holidays. If your skin does become irritated and doesn’t clear up after washing well with soap and water, you may want to contact your dermatologist.

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