Dehydrated skin


Dehydrated skin is not the same as dry skin. Dry skin is a skin type and can be treated as such. Dehydrated skin can occur in those with dry, oily, or combination skin.

Dry skin is dry no matter the season, the temperature, or the activity. It feels dry and sometimes tight. There is little to no apparent oil in dry skin. As we age our skin can change from oily and/or combination skin to dry skin. And there are things to do to help sooth dry skin.

Dehydrated skin, however, differs from dry skin in that it is not a persistent condition but rather, it can come and go. Often, skin is dehydrated underneath an oily layer of skin and that can also cause flaking skin. Harsh ingredients or chemicals in skin care products and sunscreens can sometimes cause dehydrated skin.

There are some simple ways to tend to dehydrated skin. It may be helpful to discuss product suggestions with your dermatologist or aesthetician. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser and avoid harsh scrubs. Use toners that replenish the skin and avoid alcohol-based toners. Use serums and moisturizers that contain anti-oxidants and ingredients that will replenish the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, especially as a serum, is a great choice for helping dehydrated skin. When used on the face it not only retains moisture in the skin but it also helps to plump up aging skin and makes it look brighter. When used regularly, hyaluronic acid serum can even help prevent lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid can also be used as an injectable treatment.

For more advice for your particular skin, contact your neighborhood Northstar dermatologist or aesthetician.