Diaper Rash – Causes and Treatments

Diaper rash is a common situation with babies in diapers.

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Red patches of skin on your baby’s bottom, thighs, and genital area is the hallmark of diaper rash. While it might cause your baby some discomfort, it is also fairly easy to treat.  It usually clears up after a few days, especially if you are careful to change your baby’s diaper often, let the diaper area air dry, and if needed, use a diaper rash ointment that includes petroleum jelly and zinc oxide as ingredients.

There are a few possible causes for diaper rash:

  • Too much time between diaper changes, especially if the diaper has stayed wet or if the skin has stayed in contact with feces for a long time. However, frequent bowel movements and diarrhea can also contribute to diaper rash.
  • Diapers that are too tight and cause chafing.
  • Changing the products you use on your baby: diapers, wipes, detergent, baby lotion, powder, or baby oil can trigger a diaper rash response.
  • Breast fed babies can experience diaper rash as a response to a food the mother has consumed.
  • When your baby starts eating solids, the bowel movements will change and that could cause diaper rash.
  • If your baby is prescribed antibiotics, that could cause diaper rash. If you are breastfeeding and on antibiotics yourself, it can also cause diaper rash in your baby.

Diaper rash treatment:

Your doctor may prescribe a mild hydrocortisone cream, antifungal cream, or a topical antibiotic. Only use these products if your doctor recommends them. If diaper rash doesn’t go away within several days, your baby may need to visit a dermatologist.

Diaper Changing 101:

  • Change diapers often.
  • Gently rinse your baby’s bottom with water each time you change a diaper. If you use baby wipes make sure that they are alcohol and fragrance free. You can also use a soft wash cloth or cotton balls. Gently dry the skin with a soft cloth or air dry.
  • Always wash your hands after changing your baby’s diaper.
  • Bathe your baby daily in warm water and with mild baby soap.

Contact Northstar Dermatology if your baby is experiencing these symptoms or any other abnormal skin conditions. Your neighborhood NorthStar Dermatologist would be happy to consult with your family about diaper rash and provide treatment options.

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