Menopause and Skin Dryness

Menopause and Skin Dryness | Fort Worth TX | Keller TXFalling estrogen levels during menopause can cause hot flashes, night sweats, and dry skin. Oil glands shrink and skin also gets more wrinkled and even itchy. Collagen loss also happens faster during menopause and that affects your hair and scalp.

Help! What’s a menopausal girl to do?

First of all, consider having your thyroid checked because thyroid levels can decrease during menopause and that also causes dry skin and hair. Good idea to have that either ruled out or confirmed and treated.

A good, healthy nutrition plan with a multi-vitamin and/or supplements can also help the dry situation. And if you smoke, this is a good time to quit. Tobacco also reduces the estrogen levels and causes skin damage.

Tend to your complexion by using skin products that contain vitamin A and vitamin C. Also use creams with collagen to help your skin maintain some level of youthfulness. Moisturizers that contain lactic acid or urea are also helpful and soothe dry skin.

If your scalp is dry, try using a shampoo with zinc or selenium. A good conditioner can also help; your hairdresser or dermatologist can suggest one. Also limit how often you wash your hair and blow dryer usage. If you are outdoors often, use a leave-in conditioner with zinc oxide.

Take care of your hands as well. Use gloves in the winter and use sunscreen in the summer. Keep moisturizers in convenient locations around your house, office, and car so you can use often and easily.

Drink water and stay hydrated. This will help relieve the dryness from the inside out.

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