Prickly Heat (Miliaria Rubra)


Prickly heat is also known as Miliaria rubra. It is the condition when your sweat glands get blocked the sweat under the skin can’t channel itself out. The result is sweat that builds up under the skin in the form of tiny bumps that are very itchy. As the body gets warmer, the tiny bumps pop and release the sweat they were housing. The result can be a prickly sensation on the skin.

Prickly heat most likely occurs on the face, neck, shoulders, and chest. Children are more likely to have prickly heat than adults, but anyone can get prickly heat. While it is possible to spread prickly heat on your body, it is not contagious

The less you sweat, the less likely you are to develop prickly heat. So anything that you can do to decrease the amount of sweat your produce will lessen your chance for prickly heat.

Home remedies include calamine lotion or topical steroid creams. Usually, though, prickly heat goes away on its own. A cool bath or shower can also help with prickly heat discomfort.

Other steps that you can take to deter prickly heat include wearing light-weight cotton clothing, frequent bathing with mild soap, drying off in front of a fan, and avoid using oil-based products on the skin.

If remedies don’t help or the prickly heat symptoms worsen, then contact Dr. Aboutalebi for more specific care.

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