Seasonal Skin Care

As the seasons change, so do your skin care needs.

Seasonal Skin Care | Fort Worth TX | Keller TX

As the seasons transition from summer to fall and then winter, so do our skin care needs. That said, no matter what the time of year, sunscreen is always an essential part of any skin care regimen.

Always start your daily skin care routine with a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen on your face and hands and any other exposed skin areas.

The start of cooler months also means losing moisture in your skin, so moisturizing is essential. Now is a good time of year to switch from a lotion moisturizer to a cream product. Always apply moisturizer after your bath or shower as well as throughout the day, as needed.

Your lips can bear the brunt of cool, harsher weather, so tend to them daily as well. Use a lip balm with sunscreen and also moisturizer. A good thick lip cream to apply at bedtime can also work wonders for dry, cracked lips.

Hands also need extra care during the cold months. Pamper them with moisturizing cream throughout the day and at bedtime. Wear gloves when out in cold temperatures.

Neglecting your skin in cold weather can lead to dry, chapped, even sunburned skin. Talk to your dermatologist to determine which time of moisturizing products would be best for your skin type.

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