Travel and Skincare

Travel and Skincare | Fort Worth TX | Keller TXDecember holidays often mean travel time to see family, friends, and new places. No matter what your mode of travel might be, air or vehicle, here are some tips to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

It is important to continue your skin care regimen while traveling; consistency of skin care is the best way to maintain your skin. With that in mind, you might want to include face cleanser, a good multi-purpose moisturizer, lip care, misting spray, sunscreen, and make-up removal wipes. Invest in travel size containers to make it easy to take your favorite products with you.

Keeping your skin and lips moisturized is a key ingredient to travel skin care. Moisturize well before flying, especially, or if you are going to be in a dry atmosphere. Pack travel hand cream and moisturize your hands too!

Staying well hydrated while traveling also helps to maintain your skin. Drink water, if at all possible before, during, and after flights. Not only does it help maintain your skin, it helps your body stay hydrated and healthy too. Often, on international flights your flight attendant will offer water at regular intervals throughout the flight. Always accept! Your skin will appreciate it.

Consider not wearing make up while flying, as well. Wait until almost time to land to apply it and you will arrive feeling fresh and ready to go. Oil blotting sheets to remove excess oil from your skin and use a misting toner spray to refresh your skin.

Remember that planes, trains, and even automobiles harbor all kinds of germs. Going to a new location also means new germs. Try to avoid touching your face and wash your hands (then moisturize) routinely.

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