Your skin can give clues as to what is going on with your body internally.

The skin on your body can say a lot about what is going on inside your body.  While sometimes changes in skin and nails are normal happenings, they can also be an indicator of something more serious going on internally. So, if you notice any of the following symptoms, signs, or changes, contact your change dermatological disease acne pimples on the face of a man

Some notable changes include:

  • A dermatologist should check bumps or any new or changing skin growths on your body. They may be indicators of a genetic condition or internal problem.
  • Thickening skin could indicate blood pressure issues. Swollen and/or hardened skin could mean an internal problem, but so can loose and soft skin. Either way, get it checked.
  • Changes in skin color from yellow to bronze, or darkened can all signal an internal change that may require medical help.
  • Rashes that do not quickly clear up should be checked. If they do not clear up with a dermatologist’s care, they could indicate something internally is happening.

If any of these signs or symptoms do not clear up within a couple of weeks, contact your dermatologist for care.  Your dermatologist may treat the symptoms or refer you to another specialist.

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