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Sunday, November 5th, 2017, 4:26 pm

Good nail care is more than just cosmetic.

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Did you know that your nails help to tell the story of your overall health? It doesn’t take much time to care for your nails and keep them looking neat and healthy.

But first, take a look at your nails and notice how they look. Are the nails jagged? Ridged? Yellowed? Are your cuticles growing up over the nail?

Along with playing a part in your overall appearance, your nail condition can be treated if there are problems.

Simple steps for good nail care:

  • Good hygiene is important. Wash your hands and feet daily.
  • When trimming finger or toenails, use nail scissors or nail clippers and cut across the nail.
  • Once you’ve trimmed your nails, use an emery board to shape and smooth your nails.
  • If your toenails are thick, you might want to soak them in salt water or Epsom salts for 15 minutes before cutting. Follow up with drying and applying a moisturizing cream.
  • If you are having issues with an ingrown toenail, do not try to remedy it yourself. See your dermatologist for care.
  • Break the habit if you bite your nails and/or cuticles. There are cuticle care creams that might help with cuticle care.
  • Wear shoes that fit you well. Wear socks when necessary as well.
  • Wear flip-flops to protect your feet when in a public shower. Bare feet can mean the chance to get a nail fungus.
  • In cold, dry months, use a good moisturizer and keep hands and feet covered.

If you notice changes in your nails such as swelling, pain, yellowing, thickening, or anything that changes their appearance, see your dermatologist for treatment. If you have diabetes, pay special care to your nail care.

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