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Sunday, November 12th, 2017, 4:30 pm

Manicures and pedicures are a good way to take care of your nails, but there are some things you should know about getting them done.

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Treating yourself to a manicure or pedicure is more than just a luxurious act of self-care, it’s a time to note your nail condition. Things to look for include dry nails, over grown cuticles, thickening of the nails, yellowing of the nails, ingrown nails or the appearance of sores, cracked, or split nails.

Some conditions might require a trip to the dermatologist, but many can be managed with home care.

If you are giving yourself a home manicure or pedicure, there are some steps to take to best care for your nails.

  • Soak your hands or feet first in warm water. Epsom salt makes a great soak. You can also add some essential oils to the water.
  • Dry well and in between your fingers and toes.
  • If you have a good cuticle cream you might want to apply that next and let it sit for a few minutes. Carefully push the cuticles back – do not cut them or bite them. Then rinse off the cuticle cream and dry your hands and feet again.
  • Be careful with the tools you use and make sure that they are clean and in good condition.
  • If using polish, there are many great companies to choose from.
  • If you are using bright colored polish, use a base coat to help prevent discoloration. If the polish does cause discoloration, your nails should return to normal within a few weeks. You might want to take a break from using polish until they return to their natural color.
  • Once your manicure or pedicure is done and your nails are dry, apply a good moisturizer to your nails. Nail polish remover can dry your nails and keeping your hands and feet moisturized pampers them and keeps them feeling their best.

Going to a spa or salon for your manicure/pedicure?

  • Make sure that your nail technician is licensed, if licensing is required in your town.
  • Is the spa or salon clean? Is there evidence that tools are sterilized between uses?
  • Is the tub for your feet cleaned out with a disinfectant sterilizing solution? And is fresh water replenished?
  • Does your nail technician wash hands between clients?
  • Do not hesitate to ask these questions; salons and spas are great places to pick up infections.
  • You might want to purchase your own nail tools to take with you to your spa or salon.
  • If you are prone to fungal infections or have brittle nails, you should not use artificial nails.
  • Always know what is in the nail products and artificial nails (if you use them) so that if you have a reaction after a manicure or pedicure, you can tell your doctor which products you used.

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