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Mole Removal

Perfecting Your Skin's Canvas: Mole Removal in North Richland Hills

Moles should be removed if they’re cancerous or precancerous, but you can also remove a mole for aesthetic reasons. Whether you’ve noticed concerning changes in an old mole, identified a new mole, or would like to improve the appearance of your skin by removing a mole, the board-certified dermatologists at Northstar Dermatology perform mole removals in the comfort and safety of their North Richland Hills office. To improve the health and appearance of your skin with mole removal or to have suspicious moles checked for cancer, call or book an appointment online today.

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Mole Removal
Q & A

What Is Mole Removal?

Mole removal is any procedure that permanently shaves or excises a mole from your skin. A mole is a brown or flesh-colored growth that’s made up of melanocytes. Melanocytes are skin cells that produce melanin, which is the substance that gives skin its color.

Most people have at least a few moles. You may be born with a mole (like a birthmark) or develop one later in life. Moles tend to get larger and lighter with age.

Should All Moles Be Removed?

Most moles aren’t dangerous and don’t have to be removed. However, you should watch them for suspicious changes that could indicate they’ve developed precancerous or cancerous cells.

Each mole only has about a 1 in 3,000 chance of becoming a malignant melanoma, which is the deadliest type of skin cancer. If you have many large moles, you have an increased risk of developing melanoma.

When Should I Get A Mole Removed?

If you have a suspicious mole, your dermatologist at Northstar Dermatology conducts a biopsy to see if any cancerous cells are present. If you have skin cancer, they make recommendations for its immediate removal and treatment.

They may recommend removing large moles that could become cancerous. You can also request mole removal if you don’t like the way the mole makes your skin look, even if it’s a benign, or noncancerous, mole.

How Do Dermatologists Remove Moles?

At Northstar Dermatology, our expert dermatologists shave off small moles in a simple procedure. You don’t need any stitches for a mole shave.

If your mole is large, the expert dermatologists remove it in a simple surgical procedure by cutting the mole off your skin with a scalpel. They then suture your skin closed.

If you have melanoma, your dermatologist removes the mole surgically and also refers you to an oncologist for chemotherapy to kill any remaining cancer cells. Once you’ve had a melanoma, they recommend more regular skin cancer screenings to catch any future lesions at an early stage.

Whether you’re worried about a mole or just want mole-free skin, contact Northstar Dermatology for mole removal. Call the friendly office staff or book online today.

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