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Epidermoid Cysts

Beyond Skin Deep: Epidermoid Cysts Treatment in Southlake

Although epidermoid cysts are typically slow-growing and often harmless, they can sometimes be a cosmetic concern or emerge in places causing discomfort. Here at Northstar Dermatology in Southlake, our team of seasoned, board-certified dermatologists are adept at both diagnosing and treating these cysts. To explore the options, contact our office directly or conveniently schedule through our online portal.

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Epidermoid Cysts Insights

Understanding Epidermoid Cysts

You might recognize epidermoid cysts by other names, such as epidermal cysts or epidermal inclusion cysts. These non-cancerous lumps manifest just beneath your skin and feel like firm nodules. Commonly, they grace the regions of the face, neck, and back.

Epidermoid cysts arise when the outermost skin cells, instead of naturally shedding, delve deeper and multiply. As these cells accumulate, they secrete keratin – a creamy yellow substance. This keratin builds up inside, leading to the formation of the palpable lump.

While these cysts can occur in anyone, certain conditions can amplify the risk. An injury, for example, or even the hormonal changes post-puberty. But predicting or preventing their occurrence remains elusive.

When to Seek Care for Epidermoid Cysts​

In many cases, these cysts live quietly under the skin without causing any disruption. They might remain static or eventually dissipate. Nevertheless, it’s prudent to seek a professional evaluation from Northstar Dermatology if you observe:

  • Rapid growth of the cyst
  • Sensations of pain or discomfort
  • Signs of inflammation like redness
  • Any aesthetic concerns it may raise

While it’s tempting to touch or try home remedies, refrain from doing so. Picking, squeezing, or attempting to puncture it can escalate the risk of infections.

Treating Epidermoid Cysts

The approach towards treating epidermoid cysts is tailored, factoring in its size, location, and associated symptoms. 

Sometimes, mere observation suffices. However, if there’s a need for intervention, our dermatologists at Northstar Dermatology are skilled at performing in-office surgical removal under local anesthesia.

 This method ensures the cyst, along with its sac, is completely excised, minimizing chances of recurrence. It’s worth noting that even though epidermoid cysts are benign, a tissue sample is dispatched to a pathology lab to validate the diagnosis, ensuring our patients’ peace of mind.

For comprehensive care and guidance on epidermoid cysts, get in touch with the experts at Northstar Dermatology. Make your appointment by phone or through our user-friendly online platform today.

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