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Tackling Beneath-the-Skin Growths: Lipoma Treatments in Southlake

Lipomas represent benign fatty tumors forming beneath the skin. While they’re not malignant, their size or number might influence one’s physical appearance. The certified dermatologists of Northstar Dermatology in Southlake stand out in both diagnosing and addressing lipomas. To secure an appointment for assessment, one can reach out to the office or utilize online booking tools.

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Lipoma Insights

Describing a Lipoma

A lipoma is essentially a harmless fat-derived tumor situated between the skin and underlying muscles. These are more prevalent, with women being more susceptible than men.

The chances of developing a lipoma may rise if there’s a family history, obesity, or if one has encountered conditions like hyperlipidemia or diabetes.

The reasons why someone might form a lipoma remain under research. However, experts speculate that certain genetic alterations might propel the inception of these fatty tumors.

Symptoms of Lipoma

Visually, lipomas manifest as subdermal soft, malleable nodules. They can emerge anywhere on the body, but predominantly surface on the torso, shoulders, or arms. These tumors generally exhibit a gradual growth trajectory and are typically painless unless they exert pressure on adjacent nerves or vessels.

Though lipomas are typically innocuous, any unfamiliar growth beneath the skin should prompt a consultation with Northstar Dermatology.

What to Expect During a Lipoma Evaluation

Upon visiting Northstar Dermatology for a diagnosis regarding the subdermal lump, one can anticipate a meticulous evaluation. The process involves the dermatologist examining the symptoms, delving into the medical and family history, and closely inspecting the lump.

While a diagnosis can frequently be drawn post the physical assessment at Northstar Dermatology, additional diagnostic procedures might be needed to validate that the lump is indeed a lipoma. This could encompass X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or securing a tissue sample from the lump.

Lipoma Treatment Approaches

The experts at Northstar Dermatology chart out a tailored treatment strategy for your lipoma, factoring in its position, dimensions, and the symptoms it might be inducing. In instances where the lipoma remains asymptomatic, the recommendation could be to just observe its progression.

Conversely, if the lipoma exhibits substantial size, induces discomfort, or affects aesthetic appeal, the Northstar Dermatology specialists might suggest a surgical procedure to extract the benign growth.

This surgical removal procedure is executed at the clinic under local anesthesia. For particularly expansive lipomas, a referral to a specialized surgeon might be considered.

To initiate the process of a lipoma assessment, one can get in touch with Northstar Dermatology either through a call or via online booking channels.

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