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Unveil Smooth Skin: Fast and Easy Skin Tag Removal in Southlake

Have you found yourself bothered by those tiny, flesh-toned protrusions on your skin that often snag on clothing or accessories? While most skin tags pose no harm, expert removal ensures no complications arise. At Northstar Dermatology in Southlake, Texas, the dedicated team of board-certified dermatologists is equipped to remove skin tags from various parts of your body swiftly and safely. If you’re seeking professional removal of skin tags, reach out by phone or through their online scheduling system.

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Skin Tag Excision Insights

Describing Skin Tags

Skin tags are minuscule, pendulous pieces of skin that emerge from your regular skin via a thin connecting stalk. Their composition includes fibers, ducts, nerve cells, and fat cells.

While some skin tags may match your natural skin color, others might be slightly darker. Their texture can vary between smooth and coarse. Even though they are technically tumors, skin tags are benign and generally symptom-free.

Common Sites for Skin Tags

Skin tags can develop anywhere on your body, including delicate areas like the eyelids. Nevertheless, they frequently appear in zones prone to friction, such as

  • Armpits
  • Neck
  • Inner thighs
  • Below the breasts
  • Upper torso

As time passes, skin tags can enlarge.

Reasons Behind Skin Tag Formation

Individuals over 40 tend to be more susceptible to skin tags. Factors that increase the likelihood of skin tags include being overweight, having elevated cholesterol, and hypertension. There’s also a genetic component, with some families being more prone to skin tags.

DIY Skin Tag Removal: Is It Safe?

Home remedies for skin tag removal are plentiful online. However, remember that skin tags aren’t akin to nails; it’s unsafe to snip them off or tie them with dental floss since they are nerve-containing extensions of your skin.

Attempting to cut off a skin tag can lead to injuries or potential infections. While some may opt for store-bought solutions to treat small skin tags, these remedies typically require weeks to show results.

Many skin tags might naturally detach over the years. But if they are prominently located or constantly get irritated by clothing or accessories, Northstar Dermatology offers professional removal solutions.

Dermatological Skin Tag Excision Methods

At the Northstar Dermatology office, the removal of skin tags is done both efficiently and discreetly. Depending on the situation, your dermatologist might opt for:

  • Burning, through cauterization
  • Freezing, with liquid nitrogen, known as cryosurgery
  • Ligation, cutting off the tag’s blood supply
  • Direct cutting using a surgical blade

Once a skin tag is professionally removed, it doesn’t return. Nonetheless, new skin tags might appear on different body parts as time goes on. For secure and proficient skin tag removal, contact Northstar Dermatology or arrange a consultation online.

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