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Acute Burn (Sun Damage)

Reclaim Your Radiance: Sun Damage Remedies in Southlake

Relishing the sun’s warmth and its bronze touch on your skin during your early years may seem pleasurable, but the repercussions could surface over time. Prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection harms the skin, leading to early onset of wrinkles, sun-induced spots, and freckles. With the mission to ensure you look as rejuvenated as you feel inside, the certified skin experts at Northstar Dermatology in Southlake, Texas, have specialized treatments to counteract sun damage. Reach out to their office or set an appointment online to get started.

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Sun Damage Insights

How the Sun Impacts Your Skin?

Sunshine may be a natural source of vitamin D for the body, yet its relationship with our skin isn’t always harmonious. The sun emits energy in the form of both visible and imperceptible rays or wavelengths.

While longer wavelengths, akin to those produced by microwaves, remain harmless to you and your skin, the shorter wavelengths, encompassing UVA and UVB rays, have the potential to harm.

UVB rays target the outermost layer of your skin, culminating in sunburns. Contrarily, UVA rays penetrate more deeply, influencing the behavior and structure of skin cells, and potentially their appearance and proliferation.

Typical Sun-Related Skin Conditions

Many beauty woes that manifest with age can be attributed to, or intensified by, unchecked sun exposure. Standard sun-inflicted skin conditions entail:

Though lines and wrinkles inevitably accompany aging, sun damage can compromise the skin’s integrity, hastening the appearance of these age markers.

Solar Lentigines
Often referred to as sun spots, these emerge after enduring UV exposure either from the sun or tanning devices. Their presence is a result of heightened melanin production – the pigment in skin cells.

Especially prevalent among those with lighter skin tones, these small brownish speckles arise due to sun exposure, stemming from an excessive melanin concentration.

Skin Cancer
Continued sun damage amplifies the probability of skin cancer, which unfortunately is the most prevalent form of cancer in the U.S.

Approaches to Sun Damage Treatment

Tailoring treatments to match individual skin concerns, Northstar Dermatology meticulously addresses sun-inflicted damage. Treatment modalities are determined by the specific sun damage category and a thorough review of one’s medical background.

For skin cancer cases, surgical removal remains the primary recommendation. Depending on the cancer variety, supplementary therapies like chemotherapy or radiation might be warranted.

For adept care concerning sun-afflicted skin, connect with Northstar Dermatology or make an online appointment without delay.

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