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Reclaim Your Radiance: Sun Damage Remedies in Colleyville

Embracing the sun’s warmth and the resulting bronzed skin might have been a delight in your youth, but consequences often emerge later in life. Prolonged exposure to the sun sans proper protection culminates in skin damage, resulting in premature aging, characterized by wrinkles, sun spots, and freckles. Committed to aligning your external appearance with your vibrant spirit, the certified dermatologists at Northstar Dermatology in Colleyville offer remedies to counteract sun-inflicted skin damage. For a transformative skin journey, reach out to our office directly or book an appointment online.

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Sun Damage: Inquiries & Insights
How Can the Sun Affect the Skin?

The sun, while vital for vitamin D synthesis, is not always the skin’s ally. Its emitted energy spans both visible and imperceptible rays.

The longer wavelengths, reminiscent of those emitted by microwaves, are benign to human skin. Contrastingly, shorter wavelengths, encompassing UVA and UVB rays, have the potential to harm your skin.

While UVB rays primarily target the skin’s exterior causing sunburn, UVA rays penetrate deeper, influencing skin cell function, potentially altering both their aesthetics and growth dynamics.

Common Conditions Resulting from Sun Exposure

The blemishes and age-related changes that manifest over time can often be traced back to or exacerbated by unrestrained sun exposure. Typical sun-induced skin alterations include:

Natural aging engenders lines and wrinkles, but sun damage can compromise skin integrity, precipitating premature aging.

Sun Spots
Persistent exposure to UV rays, whether from natural sunlight or tanning beds, instigates sun spots. These manifest due to melanin proliferation, the pigment in skin cells.

Especially prevalent in those with lighter skin, these minuscule brown specks arise from sun interaction. Their genesis, akin to sun spots, is attributed to melanin overproduction.

Skin Cancer
Moreover, the ramifications of sun damage extend beyond aesthetics, elevating the risk of skin cancer, a predominant malignancy in the United States.

Treatments for Sun-Induced Skin Damage

At Northstar Dermatology, our approach to sun damage is meticulous and individual-centric. The devised treatment protocol hinges on the nature of the sun damage and an in-depth evaluation of your medical background.

For cases involving skin cancer, surgical excision is the first line of action. Depending on the specific skin cancer variant, adjunct treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation might be necessitated.

To address the remnants of sun’s indiscretions on your skin, contact Northstar Dermatology or facilitate an online appointment today.

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