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Smooth Skin Ahead: Moles Removal Services in Texas

Many individuals often overlook their moles unless they’re prominently visible on the face or any other aesthetic-sensitive area. Yet, regular mole monitoring is vital, as these seemingly harmless spots can transform into melanoma, a perilous form of skin cancer. At Texas Dermatological Clinic, our board-certified skin experts conduct thorough skin checks, scrutinizing any moles that seem out of the ordinary. Should you wish to eliminate a mole for cosmetic purposes or have concerns about its appearance, don’t hesitate to book a consultation online or ring our office.

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Moles: Deep Dive & Answers

Defining a Mole

Moles are colored skin blemishes that arise when melanocytes, responsible for skin pigment, cluster together. While the majority of moles are benign, a subset can evolve into the formidable skin cancer variant: melanoma.

The perilous UV radiation from sun exposure and tanning devices can mutate the DNA within melanocytes. Such mutations can accelerate cell proliferation, leading to the onset of melanoma.

When detected and addressed promptly, melanoma is treatable, making routine checks paramount. But if a malignant mole remains unnoticed, melanoma can aggressively invade other body parts. Once widespread, it becomes a formidable challenge to manage and can have fatal consequences.

Treatment Approaches for Moles

Consider reaching out to Northstar Dermatology if a mole:

  • Stands out compared to neighboring moles.
  • Emerges after you’ve crossed 30.
  • Causes discomfort, itchiness, or burning.
  • Shows signs of bleeding.
  • Undergoes changes.
  • Demonstrates rapid growth.
  • Features a coarse or flaky surface.

Such indicators could hint at potentially cancerous transformations. Yet, certain non-cancerous complications, like consistent irritation from clothing or accessories, might also cause itching or bleeding in moles.

How Is A Mole Treated?

At Texas Dermatological Clinic, our specialists meticulously examine the mole in question and undertake a comprehensive skin evaluation to identify any other anomalies. If a mole raises concerns, removal becomes imperative, either through a shave biopsy or excision method.

In the shave biopsy procedure, our experts employ a slim blade to delicately remove the mole. For excision, they make an incision encompassing the mole, ensuring a slight margin of surrounding healthy skin is also removed.

The extracted tissue undergoes lab analysis to ascertain if cancer cells are present. The lab also verifies if the excised tissue boundaries are free from malignancy.

Should you have queries about moles or any skin irregularities, reach out to Texas Dermatological Clinic either via a call or through our online booking platform.

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