Get Fuller Lips With Juvederm

Fuller lips with juvederm

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your lips looked more plump and kissable? There are understandable reasons behind that desire.

Full lips are often associated with youth, attractiveness, and Hollywood glamour. Some scientists believe the perceived attractiveness has to do with evolutionary factors, with fuller lips signifying to potential mates that you’re young enough to reproduce and raise a family. 

In modern times, social media and beauty trends have made plumped up lips all the rage.

While thinning lips are natural with increasing age, dermal fillers provide a solution if you aren’t pleased with the changes.

At Northstar Dermatology in North Richland Hills, Texas, our expert team of board-certified dermatologists offers Juvéderm® fillers to add fullness to thin, asymmetrical, and aging lips.

Let’s delve into Juvéderm lip fillers, including how they work and benefits you can expect.

Reasons behind thin lips

If you’ve had thin lips all of your life, it’s likely part of your genetic makeup. You might also notice that one or both of your parents have a similar lip shape or size.

If you’ve noticed thinner lips as years pass, that’s probably due to the natural aging process. As you age, your body naturally produces less collagen, a protein that keeps your skin smooth and supple. 

Factors that accelerate that process, leading to more rapidly or severely thinning lips, may include:

  • Smoking
  • UV damage from the sun or tanning beds 
  • Inflammation from oxidative damage 

Oxidative damage can stem from a variety of factors, including environmental toxins, poor diet, injuries, and unmanaged stress.

How lip fillers can help

Juvéderm lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance your body produces as well. Once injected into your lips, HA attracts water, adding instant fullness and keeping your lips hydrated. 

Each treatment requires only a short office visit, after which you can go about your day as usual — no downtime for recovery required. And you can expect your results to last for 6-12 months.

Good candidates for Juvéderm lip fillers

FDA-approved for adding volume to your lips, Juvéderm is considered generally safe for most adults. You may be an excellent candidate for the treatment if you:

  • Desire fuller or more symmetrical lips
  • Would like a more youthful appearance
  • Wish to avoid surgery
  • Are in generally good health

You may not be a candidate for lip fillers if you have a history of blood-clotting issues, diabetes, or an active oral herpes infection. Taking immunosuppressive medications, smoking, nursing, and pregnancy may also disqualify you.

To learn more about Juvéderm lip fillers or get started with the treatment you desire, call our office or request an appointment through our website link today.

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