Rashes To Pay Attention To

Most everyone experiences the red, bumpy, itchiness of a skin rash at some point. And while many rashes clear up quickly on their own or with home care, some rashes indicate a condition in need of treatment. 

The sooner you get any needed treatment, the more likely you are to feel comfortable swiftly and avoid worsening symptoms and complications.

At Northstar Dermatology in Fort Worth, Texas, our board-certified dermatologists can expertly get to the source of your rash symptoms and provide treatment that’s tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to learn about rashes worth calling us about.

Chronic, scaly patches

If you’ve noticed recurrent or long-lasting patches of a scaly rash on your skin, you may be dealing with psoriasis. This inflammatory condition happens when your skin cells grow too fast. Psoriasis can affect most anyone, but it’s especially common during ages 15-30 and 55-60

You may also have psoriasis if you notice that your symptoms flare up in response to triggers such as bacterial infections, scratches, stress, cold, dry weather, or a sunburn. Thankfully, we can manage these symptoms with oral medications, topical ointments, and phototherapy. 

Flushing and pimple-like bumps

A rash involving flushed skin and bumps that look like acne may be a sign that you have rosacea. Another chronic, inflammatory condition, rosacea most often affects the back and face. 

You might notice that you blush often and that the blushing persists in the center area of your face rather than fading away quickly. 

Once you know that you have rosacea, we can help you determine your personal triggers to reduce your symptoms. A few common triggers include spicy foods, hot drinks, wind, and stress. 

We can also recommend lifestyle and hygiene changes, medication, and laser therapy to minimize your flare-ups. 

Other rash symptoms to pay attention to

Most rashes do not indicate a life-threatening emergency. But if you notice any of the following symptoms, you should seek prompt care:

In some cases, these symptoms indicate an infection or allergic reaction. Regardless, it’s always better to steer on the side of safety, as dangerous rashes can grow worse rather quickly. And even milder rashes can stem from a condition that can worsen over time. Always discuss long-lasting and recurrent symptoms with your dermatologist.

To learn more about rashes or get the care you need, call our Fort Worth, Texas, office or request an appointment through our website.

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