What’s The Best Way To Boost Collagen In My Skin?

The Skin’s Source Of Greatness

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There are few things better than smooth, glowing skin. Excellent skin health improves confidence, has fewer wrinkles, and adds to longterm health and wellness. So how can one improve skin health? No conversation about skin health is complete without collagen. Collagen is the skin’s life force. But the compound is more than just a fighter of wrinkles. Collagen is a critical source of overall health and wellness.

What is collagen exactly?

Collagen is an insoluble protein present in almost every part of the body. The compound makes up about 70% of skin and nails and 33% of all protein. Bones, hair, skin, tendons, and joints are made up of collagen. And collagen is critical in gut health. The stomach lining has amino acids derived from collagen. There are also different types of collagen. For instance, type 1 and 3 collagen are essential for skin, hair, and bones. Type 2 supports ligaments and fascia. Some types of collagen even support the placenta.

The shocking collagen stats

Getting a daily recommended dose of collagen reduces wrinkles, cellulite, fine lines, and restores skin elasticity. However, the average person gets only 10% of the regular recommended collagen. What’s worse, the body becomes less efficient at producing collagen as early as age 25. Stress, processed foods, and a leaky gut all reduce collagen production. All these factors mean a boost of collagen is critical for healthy skin.

The best way to get a collagen boost

Most experts state that changes in diet can increase collagen supply. Increasing omega-3s through fatty fish, for example, can maintain collagen stores. The thing is, most Americans do not have balanced diets. So using a collagen supplement may be the best way to boost skin health. Collagen supplements come in many forms, including creams, powders, and tablets. These supplements also include vitamins and antioxidants to improve skin elasticity.

The proof is in the pudding

Several studies confirm the use of collagen to improve skin health and reduce signs of aging. For instance, a study of subjects taking a daily supplement for 12 weeks saw great results. The participants had reduced dryness and wrinkles. The supply of collagen also improved. Another study showed persons taking an oral collagen supplement versus a placebo improved skin elasticity. Research continues to show promising results. Before choosing a cream or supplement, do extensive research. Ensure the supplement is organic, with the right type of collagen for skin health.

Turn your skin around today

Getting a boost of collagen helps not only the skin but overall health and wellness. Collagen reduces inflammation in the joints, strengthens ligaments, improves digestive health, and thickens hair and nails. Concerned about skin health and collagen supply? Speak with a doctor for a detailed assessment and recommendations on the best supplements available.

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