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Experiencing sudden hair thinning patches, or witnessing your eyelashes vanish can be unsettling. If you or your loved one is grappling with unanticipated hair loss, it might be a case of alopecia. The adept dermatologists at Northstar Dermatology in Southlake, Texas, ensure a precise diagnosis of alopecia and construct a comprehensive treatment strategy. This aims to foster hair regrowth or mitigate additional loss. If alopecia is a concern, connect with experienced professionals. Arrange your consultation via call or through online scheduling.

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Alopecia Insights

Defining Alopecia

Alopecia areata stands out as a distinct form of hair loss that presently influences nearly 6.8 million individuals across genders and ages in the U.S. It is fundamentally an autoimmune disorder wherein the body erroneously targets healthy hair follicles, culminating in localized hair shedding.


Distinct from the gradual hair thinning seen with aging, the good news with alopecia is that the follicles remain intact, suggesting a potential for hair to regrow in the impacted zones.

Detecting Alopecia: The Signs

Unlike the slow progression of age-associated hair thinning, the onset of alopecia is typically abrupt. Furthermore, its effects aren’t limited to the scalp, potentially causing hair loss anywhere on the body.

Characteristic signs of alopecia comprise:

  • Abrupt, pronounced hair thinning
  • Concurrent hair shedding and growth across various parts
  • Circular or oval-shaped bald patches, whether on the scalp, facial region, or body
  • Hair shedding biased to a particular side of your body or scalp
  • Hairs tapering near their roots, reminiscent of “exclamation points”

Accompanying alopecia, individuals might also display abnormalities like brittle nails, which might exhibit pitting or redness.

Reasons Behind Alopecia

Although there’s a familial trend observed in alopecia, it necessitates the presence of specific genes linked to alopecia from both parents for a child to inherit the condition.


Nevertheless, it’s conceivable to manifest alopecia devoid of a family history. This has steered researchers towards positing that external environmental elements might activate the condition.

Dermatological Approaches to Alopecia

While there isn’t a universal cure for alopecia and its manifestation varies among individuals, spontaneous hair regrowth might occur within a few months. However, episodes of relapse, where hair falls out again, are also possible.

During your consultation at Northstar Dermatology, experts evaluate your hair loss magnitude, inspect your follicles, and take a holistic medical background. This helps in pinpointing the optimal treatment trajectory.

Potential treatment modalities encompass:

  • Phototherapy
  • Corticosteroids, whether applied topically, injected, or consumed orally
  • Topical immunotherapy
  • Minoxidil

Additionally, Northstar Dermatology might advocate relaxation approaches to counter stress. Participating in alopecia support groups could also provide emotional sustenance during periods of hair loss and subsequent regrowth.

To seek expert guidance on alopecia, reach out to Northstar Dermatology or schedule your session online.

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