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Strong and Beautiful: Nail Health Care in Southlake

Did you know that your nails can be the window to your overall health? At Southlake, we prioritize nail health as an essential part of dermatological care, given its importance in reflecting broader health issues.

Our nails are composed of keratin, a protein that’s also the primary constituent of our hair and skin. The growth of nails stems from a root beneath the cuticle, which receives its sustenance from an array of minuscule blood vessels. And while all nails don’t grow at the same pace, certain intriguing patterns emerge:

  • Fingernails outpace toenails in growth.
  • The nails on your dominant hand typically grow swifter than on the non-dominant hand.
  • Women usually experience faster nail growth than men.
  • Sunnier summer months induce quicker nail growth.
  • A full replacement of a nail can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months.
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Nail Fungus Insights

Common Nail Concerns

Your nails can be storytellers, narrating tales about your health. However, occasionally, they may develop harmless irregularities due to factors like age or injury. Among the common nail conditions you might encounter are:

Vertical Ridges: These might be signs of aging, dryness, or injury but can also arise due to specific medications or medical conditions.
White Spots: Usually a result of nail injury.
Infections: Fungal infections are widespread and account for nearly half of nail issues. These infections frequently plague toenails, courtesy of the warm, moist environment they often find themselves in. Individuals with conditions like diabetes or compromised circulation tend to be more susceptible. Bacterial nail infections, though rarer, arise from trauma, inadequate hygiene, excessive moisture, or nail biting.
Ingrown Nails: Culprits include incorrect nail trimming, ill-fitting footwear, or even digestive ailments.
Nail Thickening: Such thickening can be a consequence of skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis. Diabetes and subpar circulation are other potential causes.
Nail Thinning: A commonplace issue, this can be attributed to excess moisture or exceedingly dry conditions.

Tips for Maintaining Nail Health

It’s imperative to consult a dermatologist when you observe noticeable alterations in your nails, especially if accompanied by swelling or bleeding.

For nail vitality, adopt the following practices:

  • Trim nails uniformly, with a slight rounding in the center.
  • Prioritize cleanliness to deter bacterial accumulation.
  • Opt for well-fitting footwear, and alternate between pairs.
  • Refrain from nail biting or picking.
  • Commit to daily moisturizing.
  • For thicker nails, pre-trim soaking in warm salt water is beneficial.
  • Steer clear of artificial nails if fungal infections plague you.
  • Vet nail salons for hygiene standards.
  • Consider carrying your manicure kit for salon visits.

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