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Tackling Beneath-the-Skin Growths: Lipoma Treatments in Texas

Lipomas represent benign fat-based tumors located beneath the skin. These noncancerous growths can differ in size and might alter one’s appearance if they become prominent or multiply. Texas’s board-certified dermatologists at Northstar Dermatology are proficient in both diagnosing and managing lipomas. For an assessment, reach out to the office or reserve an appointment online today.

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Lipoma: Questions & Insights

Defining Lipoma

Lipomas are non-malignant fatty tumors positioned between the skin and underlying muscles. While they are fairly common, females are generally more susceptible than males.

Factors that might elevate the risk of lipoma development include familial predisposition, obesity, a background of hyperlipidemia, or diabetes.

The exact cause of lipoma formation remains under research. Current theories propose that certain genetic mutations could stimulate the creation of these fatty tumors.

Symptoms Associated with Lipoma

These tumors manifest as palpable soft, dough-like nodules beneath the skin. While they can emerge anywhere on the body, the torso, shoulders, and arms are frequent sites. Lipomas characteristically grow gradually and rarely induce pain unless they impinge on adjacent nerves or blood vessels.

Even though lipomas are generally harmless, it’s always prudent to seek consultation with Northstar Dermatology if you observe any inexplicable growths beneath your skin.

What To Anticipate During Lipoma Assessment

When you visit Northstar Dermatology for a diagnostic evaluation of your subcutaneous lump, the process entails a comprehensive review. Your dermatologist will discuss your symptoms, delve into your medical and family history, and physically assess the lump.

While the experts at Northstar Dermatology can frequently diagnose based on the physical evaluation, occasionally additional diagnostic measures are required to ascertain that the lump is a lipoma. Such tests could encompass X-rays, CT scans, MRI, or even a tissue biopsy.

Lipoma Treatment Methods

Tailoring a treatment strategy to your specific situation, the professionals at Northstar Dermatology consider factors like the lipoma’s position, magnitude, and associated symptoms. For asymptomatic lipomas, monitoring the growth might be the suggested approach.

Nevertheless, if a lipoma exhibits significant size, induces discomfort, or influences aesthetic appearance, the Northstar Dermatology team can execute a surgical excision to eradicate the benign growth.

The surgical process is conducted at the clinic, utilizing local anesthesia. For especially large lipomas, a referral to a specialized surgeon might be proposed for comprehensive evaluation.

To plan a lipoma assessment, connect with Northstar Dermatology or make an online reservation today.

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