Get Fuller Lips With Juvederm

Fuller lips with juvederm

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your lips looked more plump and kissable? There are understandable reasons behind that desire. Full lips are often associated with youth, attractiveness, and Hollywood glamour. Some scientists believe the perceived attractiveness has to do with evolutionary factors, with fuller lips signifying to potential mates that you’re young […]

Don’t Let Wrinkles Around Your Mouth Keep You From Smiling: Juvéderm® Can Help

Wrinkles laser treament

Smile lines can be a positive sign of a life well-lived, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep the wrinkles that bother you. If you’d like to achieve a younger-looking smile without the hassle or risks of surgery, Juvéderm® fillers can help. At Northstar Dermatology in North Richland Hills, Texas, our expert team of board-certified dermatologists are pleased to offer Juvéderm fillers […]

Encouraging Facts About Psoriasis


Some 8 million Americans live with the chronic skin condition known as psoriasis. And while the condition can bring bothersome symptoms, from itchy patches to cracked and bleeding skin, there’s plenty of hope. At Northstar Dermatology in North Richland Hills, Texas, our expert team of board-certified dermatologists provides compassionate, customized care for psoriasis based on your needs. If you’re feeling a bit […]

4 Ways UV Rays Affect Your Skin


Your skin is your largest organ and one of the first things others may notice about you. And while sun rays hitting your skin can feel downright luxurious, the ultraviolet (UV) rays the sun — and tanning beds — emit are actually pretty harmful.  Without UV protection, your skin can gradually develop a range of […]

Psoriasis vs. Eczema: Key Similarities and Differences


At first glance, eczema and psoriasis may look nearly identical. Both conditions can lead to chronic skin issues like dryness and rashes, for example, and both may show up or intensify when you’re feeling stressed. But these conditions share key differences, too. At Northstar Dermatology in North Richland Hills, Texas, our expert team of board-certified dermatologists diagnose and treat eczema and psoriasis so you […]

5 Reasons to Schedule Your Annual Skin Cancer Screening ASAP

skin cancer screening

Your skin is your largest organ and the most vulnerable to cancer. In fact, one in five people in the United States develop it at some point and every day, 9,500 of those diagnoses are made.  While those facts can seem daunting, there’s good news. Even the most dangerous type of skin cancer, melanoma, is usually highly treatable […]

How to Get Glowing Skin for the Holidays by Dr. Shalini Vemula

Dr. Shalini Vemula

The holiday season can take a toll on the skin. We are often overwhelmed with the stress of planning and partying. Here are some dermatologist-recommended tips and tricks for achieving healthy, naturally glowing skin during the holiday season. 1. Cleanse Regularly 2. Use Topical Vitamin C 3. Wear Sunscreen 4. Try a Topical Retinoid 5. […]

Top 10 Dry Skin Care Tips for Winter by Dr. Nicole Strickland

Dr. Nicole Strickland

1) Don’t take hot showers/ baths. Hot water will strip the skin of its moisture and natural oils. So even if you moisturize after you bathe, it becomes an uphill battle to replenish all the moisture your skin needs. Not saying that you need to take cold showers- mildly warm or lukewarm water is ok. 2) Limit bathing […]

Help! Why Are My Cheeks Always Red?

clear skin

Your face is often the first thing people notice about you. And if your cheeks are continually blush-red, it’s easy to feel self-conscious.  While some amount of redness in your cheeks is considered a sign of beauty or vitality, ongoing or severe symptoms may indicate a medical condition that needs treatment. At Northstar Dermatology in North Richland […]

The Right Way To Clear Acne

before and after dermatology

In the case of the patient pictured, there’s a strong inflammatory component, red bumps or “zits.”. To settle down the inflammation, it’ll be important to incorporate an antibacterial agent, whether topical or oral, but let’s tackle this case at its core or cause.  So what causes acne? It’s certainly NOT dirt or even dirty skin, […]

Key Components of Effective Acne Management

girl with acne

Chances are, you’ll deal with acne at some point in your life. And while it may be easy to associate acne with adolescence or teenage years, some 54% of women and 40% of men experience symptoms after age 25.  While pimples, blackheads, and white heads aren’t dangerous, they can cause a range of bothersome issues, from skin irritation to embarrassment. Thankfully, […]

Back to school means… a better acne regimen? By Dr. Amir Aboutalebi

Dr. Amir Aboutalebi

School is in session, and students are waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, thirsty for trigonometry, craving some chemistry, checking out books at the library, and checking mate at Chess Club. Ok ok, maybe that was just me. But early mornings aside, most are excited to reunite with friends, get back to a routine, and for […]

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